Recipe: Steven's Gazpacho

One of two gazpachos I've ever enjoyed

Boston Passover Spirits Guide 2021

Where to buy kosher-for-Passover spirits in the Boston area

Recipe: Lamb Tagine

A reliable, if not perfectly authentic, recipe

Recipe: 100% Whole-Wheat Sandwich Bread

Soft, shelf-stable and with no white flour.

Recipe: 100% Whole Wheat Challah

A fully-whole-wheat challah with good taste and texture.

Recipe: Kasha Varnishkes

Precise, repeatable and delicious with or without dairy

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Precise, repeatable and delicious with or without dairy

Recipe: Challah

A reliable challah recipe with good texture

Recipe: Chicken Broccoli Pasta

A precise, creamy-tasting, non-dairy recipe

Recipe: Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

A (dairy) whole wheat bread that lasts a couple days

Recipe: Workingman's Challah

A challah recipe with the minimum human effort

Recipe: Seven Layer Bars

My metric-sheet-pan version of the popular dessert

Code reviews the WRITE way

Communication tips for giving more effective code review comments

Twitter Rankings: Massachusetts Statewide Officials & Congressional Delegation (November 2018)

Who posts, who's missing, and who actually interacts?

Twitter Rankings: Massachusetts Mayors (November 2018)

Who posts, who's missing, and who actually interacts?

Twitter Rankings: Massachusetts State Senators (November 2018)

Who posts, who's missing, and who actually interacts?

Twitter Rankings: Massachusetts State Representatives (November 2018)

Who posts, who's missing, and who actually interacts?

Bootstrap 4 in Rails 5.2 with Yarn

Simple instructions so I don't forget

Recipe: Modernist Corned Beef

Authentic, reproducible results in 3 days with dry brining plus sous vide

Recipe: Modernist Pastrami

Authentic, reproducible results in 4 days with dry brining plus sous vide

My Charlie Baker Stats

After four years with Governor Baker, what are the data trends for the issues I care about?

The Independent-Minded Voter: The Significance of a New Political Ethos in Statewide Elections in Massachusetts

In this 2002 study, Sarah Kahan [Abbett] argues that candidates who aim to win statewide elections in Massachusetts must garner support specifically from suburban managerial-professionals, voters who are guiding the development of a new political ethos.

UXPA Boston 2018: The Fracturing of the Experience Movement (Bill Gribbons)

Presented by Bill Gribbons, Bentley University 30 years of consulting work, 30 years of running graduate/professional programs Curious about how design works in the public arena “Very disturbed by how...

UXPA Boston 2018: Research is a team sport! Implementing an interviewing workshop to raise customer empathy

Presented by Hilary Dwyer, Elizabeth Quigley (LogMeIn) Researchers cannot interview everyone… but product managers, for example, already interact with customers How do we empower our colleagues to bring back findings...

UXPA Boston 2018: Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) to create a virtual tapestry of your organization's UX research

Presented by Stuart Robertson & Kay Corry Aubrey Overview of software Capture the complete picture Find patterns and trends Some data is quantitative… Task completion Usability scores Completed purchases …but...

UXPA Boston 2018: 10-Minute Student Talks

Psychology & UX (Sean Higgins, Northeastern) Designers have perhaps co-opted psychology without the background, principles Signs UX teams without any UX researchers (shortage of researchers and mentors) More people are...

UXPA Boston 2018: Bringing CoCreation to Enterprise Context

Presented by Hilary Dwyer, Aaron Hatley, Tim Hicks, Yogesh Moorjani, Neha Raghuvanshi, Whitney Roan, Priya Shetye (LogMeIn) Medium article What is co-creation? Joint creation of value between company and customer,...

UXPA Boston 2018: Interactive Journey Maps (Jen Briselli)

Presented by Jen Briselli (MadPow) Specifically, making journey maps interactive Tools, platforms, methods, tutorials out there… but what’s right for our project/client/need? no one singular solution we make deliverables from...

Ovaline matzo balls

We like matzo balls that are quite tender but hold their shape well – no “golf balls” at our table. The quennelle techinque makes for an elegant ovaline shape. 3...

Super Bowl Chili

This recipe benefits from the slow building of flavor from whole, traditional ingredients. 1 Tbsp cumin seeds 6 large cloves garlic, skin on 4 dried ancho chilis 4 Tbsp olive...

Setting up Ghost in development mode on Mac

Situation: You want to evaluate Ghost on your local machine. You’ve never used nvm before. You can’t quite find a “just follow these steps” guide. Here’s what I had to...

Predefined tag checkboxes with ActsAsTaggableOn

Last week, I designed an interface that lets a user optionally select from a set of predefined values. Since time for implementation was short, I tried to adapt my design...

HTML Prototyping in Sublime Text 3

These days, to better serve our engineering team, I’m doing more HTML prototyping than actual coding, so I thought I’d adopt a code editor more lightweight than RubyMine. (Generally, I’m...

UXPA Boston 2017: Expanding Our Visual Literacy (Julie Rodriguez)

Presented by Julie Rodriguez, @juliargentinaG individual displays, internal presentations, external communications how do you expand communication throughout your enterprise? 2-6 displays typical, example shows financial analysts with 12 displays opportunity...

Introducing Abraham

Recently, we began building product tours into, and while it wasn’t so technically challenging (thanks to HubSpot’s Shepherd and Tether), there were many small hurdles to getting the little...

UXPA Boston 2015: Lightweight Journey Mapping (Dove & Reinach)

Laura Dove and Stephen Reinach, UXers at MathWorks, presented at UXPA Boston 2015. Background Simulink is a product used to visually code for low-cost computers (i.e. DIY robots, but even...

UXPA Boston 2015: Delicious Design (Sengers & Chaffee)

Rachel Sengers and Jennifer Chaffee collaborate on IxD and Visual Design at Design for Context, and presented at UXPA Boston 2015. They specialize in complex transactional applications. “T-Shaped practitioner” proposed...

UXPA Boston 2015: Faulty by design (Bill Gribbons)

At the UXPA Boston 2015 conference, Bill Gribbons presented “Faulty by design: An examination of user decision making.” 28 years of experience in product development, watching people interact with systems...

We need to empower docs to rethink everything about how they practice

As I read Sanaz Majd’s “Why is my doctor always late?” I cycled through many emotions: frustration as a patient, rage as a software designer, and ultimately pity: I am...

Potato Latke Master Recipe

(Resurrected from the Kosher Blog, via the Internet Archive.) Yields 24 latkes 2 lb. russet potatoes 1 medium onion, pureed (about 1 cup) 2 large egg 1 tsp. salt 1/2...

Apple, Google, and the State of mHealth

What problems are we trying to solve? Apple and Google’s recent [re]entry into health care—with the launch of Apple HealthKit and Google Fit—provided the motivation for the most recent episode...

Agile UX Resources

Thanks to everyone who participated in UX Boston Conference 2! Here are the links and resources I mentioned in my talk today, You’re a pig, but they call you chicken....

User Experience Reading List

Thanks to the various blogs and mailing lists I read, I see lots of great recommendations for books on or related to interaction design. Lately, though, they’ve been piling up...

A guide to building webapps with IE8 support

If you build web applications for healthcare, you’re fooling yourself if you don’t support legacy Internet Explorer browsers. This should make it a bit easier. Internet Explorer 8’s market share...

Radical Agile UX

I chanced upon Nick’s tweet today: I love the notion of Lean UX (UX within Agile/Lean process), but I would love to see more talks on UX within Agile/Scrum process...

Vegetable-derived rennet

I recently happened on these resources; once my boys are older and can help their old man with the cheesemaking, maybe we’ll try one of these approaches: Stinging nettle rennet...

UPA Boston 2012: Reader-Centered Design for Online Health Communications

At the UPA Boston 2012 conference, the team from CommunicateHealth presented “Reader-Centered Design for Online Health Communications.” CommunicateHealth Health education firm, improve health literacy on the web, through best practices...

UPA Boston 2012: Designing for People Who Struggle with Reading and Attention (Julie Strothman)

At the UPA Boston 2012 conference, Julie Strothman presented “Designing for People Who Struggle with Reading and Attention.” As is frequently the case when targetting users with literacy/attention needs, these...

UPA Boston 2012: Boldly Going Where No UX Has Gone Before (Jeremy Kriegel)

Jeremy Kriegel presented “Boldly Going Where No UX Has Gone Before” at the UPA Boston Conference on May 7, 2012. Forget about UX tools, think about team value: What does...

UPA Boston 2012: Athenahealth's Mobile Electronic Health Record App

At the UPA Boston 2012 conference, Kaden Rushford & Tobias Hauner presented “On the Move with Mobile Users: Using Innovative Design & Test Techniques to Create Athenahealth’s Mobile Electronic Health...

Booklet: Ma'ariv for Yom Ha'atzma'ut

This year, our community is adopting the Israeli nusach tefilah for Yom HaAtzma’ut. As only Koren Publishers includes this in their prayerbooks, and we’re not ready to start replacing our...

Passover apple kugel

We’ve been making this recipe, adapted from the New York Times Passover Cookbook, page 268, for at least the last five years. It’s a nice departure from the typical dry...

UX foot-in-mouth

Me: I must’ve put my computer to sleep while Dropbox was still synching. Sarah: You should be smart enough to check its status before putting your computer to sleep. Me:...

My healthcare proxy

Despite the far-right’s scaremongering about “death panels,” end-of-life issues are critically important. There are many kinds of advance health care directives, but probably the easiest and most universally necessary document...

Design Ego Management

Your value as a designer is not measured by a design, but rather by your ability to engage in the design process. FJ at Tech Socio Tech nicely summarizes a...