Boston Passover Spirits Guide 2021

We’re fortunate to have slightly more variety in kosher-for-Passover spirits these days, and some of our local liquor stores carry a few. Here’s a summary of what I’ve found.


Consult your local rabbinic authority about precise kashrut, as standards differ. I’ve included some notes with particular kinds of spirits.


Most of the links below send you to Drizly, which delivers throughout the Boston area from local liquor stores – the exact stores are listed with each product. You might save money by visiting the store and buying it directly instead. I’ve listed the stores with the most products at the bottom of this page.

Kosher-for-Passover Spirits




I’ve seen Bistra Slivovitz (plum brandy) served on Passover for years, but the box I have just says “Kosher for Passover” without an explicit kosher symbol.

Tequila / Mezcal / Sotol

Many silver/blanco tequilas have been permissible for Passover without an explicit kosher symbol (see this 2020 Passover tequila list). I have e-mailed KA Kosher to see if they have any updated advice.



Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors carries a large selection of Passover wines and a fair amount of Passover spirits. They have locations in Waltham, Newton, Watertown

Kappy’s Fine Wine and Spirits carries several kosher wines and some Passover spirits. They have 11 locations in and around Boston.

Total Wine carries several kosher wines and some Passover spirits, including a couple not listed elsewhere. They have 4 locations around Boston.

Marty’s Fine Wines carries several kosher wines and some Passover spirits. They have location sin Allston, Newton, Hopkinton, and Millville.