From time to time, at conferences and meetups, I like to share techniques and insights I’ve learned. I enjoy speaking about the intersection between user experience design and software development.

At UXPA Boston Conference 2017

BDD for UX: Bridging the design/code chasm
 with Behavior Driven Development

At the 2017 UXPA Boston Conference, I described how we use Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) at to fuse the UX design and software development processes with a common language… plus a touch of extreme programming history.

Sex, Drugs, and Disease: Designing for difficult topics

At UX Boston’s November 2015 Meetup, I offered techniques for introducing important, but potentially off-putting, legal authorizations to users of healthcare software.

You’re a pig, but they call you chicken: How to co-opt the Agile methodology and lead with design

At UX Boston Conference 2 in November 2014, I shared my vision for how UX professionals could lead agile software development teams: own the product backlog, redefine the “definition of done,” and get skin in the game.

First Users: Designing for web developers

I was invited to UIllinois Web Conference 2013 to debut a new class of design heuristics focused on better satisfying the needs of the software developers who consume and build our designs.

Goal Directed Design: User-oriented techniques for product development

In March 2010, Evan Pankey and I presented to Harvard Medical School’s “Enabling Technology Innovation” course on the goal-directed design process we adopted within our research software group at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Agile Design & Development with Clickframes

Inspired by Hal Helms’ “wireframes” methodology, my team at the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP) developed an XML-based specification tool for web applications called Clickframes. William Crawford and I demonstrated this approach at the UPA Boston Conference 2009.