Book Design

In my daily work, I help people achieve their goals through the design of software interfaces. I find similar joy in solving problems through the design of books. How we learn and how we connect with the written word are shaped (or hindered) by layout and typography.

Most of my book design work has been bilingual, Hebrew/English or Yiddish/English. Combining languages in one text, especially a right-to-left language with a left-to-right language, presents challenges I find interesting.

The Foundations of the Torah (2021)

When I was introduced to the work of Shadal, I was immediately drawn to how he combined an embrace of tradition with a willingness to think about that tradition very differently. Much of his work is not available translated, in print. Fortunately, Sefaria had an English translation available of his major treatise, Sefer Yesodei HaTorah, with a flexible Creative Commons license.

I had the opportunity to adapt the work into a form that might be more accessible to other readers like me.

The Little Yiddish Bentsher (2019)

The Little Yiddish Bentsher is a Yiddish/Hebrew/English songbook for our family, that I prepared in honor of my son Avi’s bar mitzvah.