The Little Yiddish Bentsher / דער קלײנער יידישער בענטשער



In high school, I got hooked on the Klezmatics — I saw them on PBS performing with Itzhak Perlman, and then I ran out to buy their latest album, Jews with Horns. In college, I enrolled in Yiddish 10A with Ellen Kellman, and, lucky for me, she’d regularly bring her guitar into class and teach us Yiddish folksongs.

As our family has grown, I’ve tried to incorporate Yiddish songs in our Shabbat routine. What started as some informal printouts has grown into this bentsher, prepared in honor of Avi’s bar mitzvah.


This is a somewhat idiosyncratic text, mainly because it simply represents our family’s home customs.

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The Little Yiddish Bentsher is available on Amazon for immediate purchase. Given the economics of Amazon publishing, it’s not so affordable in bulk. I may be able to arrange cheaper bulk orders if anyone’s interested.

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The bentsher is available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The links below should help with learning the songs we included.


Az ikh vel zingen

Lomir alle zingen

There’s considerable creativity in the specific foods mentioned in each verse. Choose your favorites.

Brider, zog

Eyn mol

We know Eyn mol from the Klezmatics, but the Ruth Rubin archive has a different version:

Eyn kol vein

Gefilte fish

Az der rebbe

Shnirele perele

Zol shoyn kumen di geula

Hey, Dzhankoye

Oyfn pripechik

Probably the most popular Yiddish song of all time.

Lekhayim rebenyu