i.e. Jonathan Abbett — web crafter, healthcare designer, amateur kosher cheesemaker.

Encryption is like kosher food

29 August 2013
You don't have to be Jewish to love liberties. that there's a very limited population that will make the necessary sacrifices to get it, a slightly less limited population that will do it if it's cheap and easy... and everyone else doesn't care.

What encryption-focused services like Trsst and Mailpile can learn from the kosher industry is that the most successful kosher products and restaurants don't "look kosher" at all. They are objectively great, and only happen to be kosher: Coca Cola, Heinz Ketchup, Rami's in Brookline, Pardes in Brooklyn, Abigael's in Manhattan. (Granted, there are some exceptions, like the very tasty Hebrew National products.)

Trsst needs to be an excellent social network, Mailpile an excellent e-mail service... that just happen to bake-in strong privacy and security protections.

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